Dear Younger Me,

I am sorry that the world forced you to grow up too soon, You have been so strong and I couldn’t be more proud. I still talk to you through your favourite tv shows, the pile of stickers that you collected throughout most of your childhood, the journals you used to write and made itContinue reading “Dear Younger Me,”

Welcoming 2021

Happy New Year you guys! I know it’s been a long time since i have posted and to be honest i was losing my motivation to write, you can just assume that i was on a hiatus, well that’s what i tell myself to make me feel less guilty! Today i just want to knowContinue reading “Welcoming 2021”

Bun Buns Home

4 days back i brought home two little sweet bunnies Miffy 🐇❤ and Flash 🐇❤, don’t worry i did my research before actually bringing them family did have rabbits as pets when i was a child so now what remains are vague memories of them. As a kid i never cared to take careContinue reading “Bun Buns Home”

It’s Time

You lured me to believe you when you knew it was a lie Stripped my soul and body when you were sure it was lust. Broke me down even though you had the choice Stopped me from moving on when you knew the damage was done. You never reciprocated the Love i gave you, AlmostContinue reading “It’s Time”

Not a Goodbye

This post is for my beloved aunt Junu pehi, who was fighting with cancer for the longest time, and today she left us, leaving behind a stream of good memories and infinite Love. She was like the moon, exactly what her name signifies. She was so full of life, her red cheeks and pink lipsContinue reading “Not a Goodbye”


Dear Anjali, The moment we followed each other i remember just like me you too had started your journey on blog writing. And there is a special connection i feel towards you because i believe you can know so much about a person through their writings. I am always mesmerized by the real life storiesContinue reading “SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD”

Oh Taj!

I hope you find The One who’s meant for you, if not now hopefully soon. Everybody deserves to receive the same amount of Love that they are willing to give back, because at the end of the day hundreds of dollars will serve you temporary happiness but True Love will bless you with eternal happiness.Continue reading “Oh Taj!”


There is nothing comparable to the comfort that darkness offers to me. Do not get me wrong here, i am not talking about the darkness that we all love to hide in the deep corners of my mind, but i am talking about the vibe of a dark room, the beauty of a dark emptyContinue reading “Nyctophilia”

You Are Not Lonely

I hate it when people preach other’s with the notion that it’s ok to be lonely. No it’s not ok to be lonely. There is a thin line between being lonely and being alone. One should learn that it’s completely Ok to be alone, for there are still people you have in your life, thereContinue reading “You Are Not Lonely”

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