The First Time

Remember the day when we were both dressed in black, the first time when our eyes met It was 6:30pm, a chilly December evening. We drove for the first time together, When you held my hand i could feel it in my heart that it was your first time holding someone’s hand And when iContinue reading “The First Time”

Are you living in the moment?

What a grand thing it is to be alive today. The universe offering us with all the beauty of life that one could possibly ever need to experience, we are surrounded with endless possibilities for the day but are we looking out for them? Or are we stressing our minds for the possibilities of tomorrow?Continue reading “Are you living in the moment?”

Always the Unlucky One

Do you believe in Luck? I do. Why? Because throughout my life I came across so many situations that compelled me to believe in the whole concept of Luck. Honestly I consider myself as quite an unlucky person. Do I feel bad about it? No I don’t maybe because I am too used to beingContinue reading “Always the Unlucky One”

Oh Taj!

I hope you find The One who’s meant for you, if not now hopefully soon. Everybody deserves to receive the same amount of Love that they are willing to give back, because at the end of the day hundreds of dollars will serve you temporary happiness but True Love will bless you with eternal happiness.Continue reading “Oh Taj!”


There is nothing comparable to the comfort that darkness offers to me. Do not get me wrong here, i am not talking about the darkness that we all love to hide in the deep corners of my mind, but i am talking about the vibe of a dark room, the beauty of a dark emptyContinue reading “Nyctophilia”

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