It’s Time

You lured me to believe you when you knew it was a lie Stripped my soul and body when you were sure it was lust. Broke me down even though you had the choice Stopped me from moving on when you knew the damage was done. You never reciprocated the Love i gave you, AlmostContinue reading “It’s Time”

Web Of Love

When you promised to stick together even when the most strongest of storm hits us, I believed. But when it did why can’t i find you around? I am looking out for You in every hook and corner of the memory lane thinking that you might be trapped somewhere like I am, but You areContinue reading “Web Of Love”

Karaoke Night

Absolutely broken and completely wrecked up, she left what “they” called her home. Wearing a pale white dress with a little brown stain in the bottom, she left the house with only a guitar and 20 dollars in hand..Her mind forbbided her from walking towards the streets and instead headed her towards a dark abandonedContinue reading “Karaoke Night”

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