Question for the day- 1

If someone told you that you are magnificent, powerful, amazing and beautiful beyond measure, how would you feel? Would you receive the compliments with an open heart? Or would you resist by thinking that you’re not THAT beautiful and magnificent? If I was to answer this question honestly, my first initial response would be, YesContinue reading “Question for the day- 1”


After being MIA for quite a while I am finally happy to be back and continue with what I love to do, that is writing my heart out. As some of you may know that I was really not doing well. I don’t know what it was but I was sick for almost more thanContinue reading “Hi”

Not a Goodbye

This post is for my beloved aunt Junu pehi, who was fighting with cancer for the longest time, and today she left us, leaving behind a stream of good memories and infinite Love. She was like the moon, exactly what her name signifies. She was so full of life, her red cheeks and pink lipsContinue reading “Not a Goodbye”


There is nothing comparable to the comfort that darkness offers to me. Do not get me wrong here, i am not talking about the darkness that we all love to hide in the deep corners of my mind, but i am talking about the vibe of a dark room, the beauty of a dark emptyContinue reading “Nyctophilia”


To the crisp flicks of a brand new book, your addicting smell and the fresh stories you hold on your pages, the moment i held you in my hands it was love at first sight. To the yellow pages of an old book, your little wear and tear in between tells me that you haveContinue reading “Pages”

Karaoke Night

Absolutely broken and completely wrecked up, she left what “they” called her home. Wearing a pale white dress with a little brown stain in the bottom, she left the house with only a guitar and 20 dollars in hand..Her mind forbbided her from walking towards the streets and instead headed her towards a dark abandonedContinue reading “Karaoke Night”

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