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Dear Younger Me,

I am sorry that the world forced you to grow up too soon, You have been so strong and I couldn’t be more proud. I still talk to you through your favourite tv shows, the pile of stickers that you collected throughout most of your childhood, the journals you used to write and made it a point to give a new name to your journal every new year, the songs you would play a lot before. I am so proud of you. Thank you for making me the person that I am today, thank you for making me experience the bittersweet, confusing and the most delicate phrase of my life.



Published by manishasky

Seizing memories, knowledge and positivity through my blogs.

16 thoughts on “Dear Younger Me,

  1. Kindness and encouragement: two things this world could do with more of. Thank you for sharing some with us, as well as with your past self. ♥


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