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Bun Buns Home

4 days back i brought home two little sweet bunnies Miffy πŸ‡β€ and Flash πŸ‡β€, don’t worry i did my research before actually bringing them family did have rabbits as pets when i was a child so now what remains are vague memories of them. As a kid i never cared to take care of them beside petting them, but now as an adult i want to give them the best possible life, by providing them all the essentials for their well being topped with lots of love, care and attention. I will post on their update later, for now i need some suggestions from you all on How to litter train baby bunnies? I did google on the same, but i would be extremely grateful to you all if you all could help me with some tricks and tips. Note- They are 7 weeks old.


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29 thoughts on “Bun Buns Home

  1. my guess is if you found info on the internet/youtube then follow what they have to say. rabbits, unlike cats, are indiscriminate pee/poopers and do not burry their poop like cats. so good luck. since you had bunnies before, how were they trained to use a “cat” box?

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    1. They were adults at that time when we welcomed them home, so it was easy for them to get used to using the litter. Now i am training them to use it by putting hay inside a big tray and cleaning their cage on a regular basis so that their waste dsn’t pile up. Also because they are too young for now so accidents are happening on a regular basis, but i am being patient since they are babies. I have read that bunnies are more easier to litter train once they are like 4 months old.


  2. It’s best to litter train when they are older and have been spayed/neutered but I started working with mine when I brought her home at 2 mths. Get a litter box that has high sides as the pee can spray. Put hay/pellets above the box or at the front of it according to your set up. They usually pee/poop where the food is so keep food only in that area. Eventually they’ll get it but be patient… Mine is 8mths now and we still have “accidents”.

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    1. omg thank you so much for dropping this comment, even though i did my fair share of research but it’s always good to hear advices from someone who have actually dealt with the similar situation. thank you

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  3. If I remember correctly bunnies like to go do their excretions and the same spot every time so if you can get them started in a given spot or place they like they may continue going there. Not sure how to make that happen.


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