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Welcoming 2021

2021 Happy New Year of the Ox. Greeting card design with chinese calligraphy for holiday. Hand drawn number 2021 lettering on vintage subtle grunge background. Vector illustration

Happy New Year you guys! I know it’s been a long time since i have posted and to be honest i was losing my motivation to write, you can just assume that i was on a hiatus, well that’s what i tell myself to make me feel less guilty! Today i just want to know How you all are doing? Is the New Year treating you right? have you mapped down your resolutions yet? If you ask me i don’t believe in long term resolutions anymore. I stick to my daily planner because I feel it’s far more convenient and easier to achieve your goals for the day, my number One goal is to Stay Hydrated everyday. I know you might be thinking, Manisha really? But trust me i used to so dehydrated earlier, to the point that fatigue and laziness became my best/worst friends for a while… Stay Hydrated you guys!

If you ask me How am I doing.. I am doing much better both physically and mentally, that might be a reason why I am slowly finding my will back to do things that i have always loved doing. Today when i logged into my WordPress account I saw so many comments pending in my notification, i went through all of them and honestly reading them was the highlight of my day because they were all so nice it filled my heart with so much joy! ❀ Thank you to each and everyone who still cared to ask me if i am doing okay while i was gone, for reading my blogs and for constantly supporting and motivating mw. This place will always be my safe and happy little escape ❀


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25 thoughts on “Welcoming 2021

  1. Thank you for your time and posts here and I am glad you made it with is into this year. ❀
    Happy New Year! 😌


  2. I am well this year so far, thank you for asking. 😊

    If you need to take breaks, your well-being is more important than WordPress, and it will be waiting when you get back. It is good to hear from you, and to hear you are staying hydrated. My brother has two rules in life:
    1. Don’t be a dick.
    2. Hydrate or die.

    From your kind words here you are achieving number 1 very well, and you are staying hydrated so are also keeping number 2, too!

    Keep on keeping on being awesome. ❀

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