I hope that’s ok

Somedays i feel like running away to a place between reality and fiction. I don’t like to have negative thoughts in my mind only until i realize that i am normal, i am human and it is not possible to maintain my calm all the time. If you can, it’s great. I try, i try my best everyday to not succumb to them, but sometimes i bend over and i hope that’s ok too.

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25 thoughts on “I hope that’s ok

  1. Yes manisha. Its ok. To go and let the emotions come and go.

    As long as we really don’t run away..

    Luckily there’s no place between reality and fiction that can hold us for long.

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  2. So relatable. Every once in a while I think everyone would like to escape to fiction, I know I would and forget reality. In a place you are in control of the story and what’s to come. Real life is not all that great. Xx

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  3. No one can go 100% all the time. We each have a different threshold, and some things take more energy for us than they might for others.

    Kia kaha (stay strong). And remember no one is a better you, than you. 😊


  4. This is really okay and even if you would have such thoughts most of the time, you can still make something of them. You are always loved and I wish you that these thoughts won’t haunt you forever and that you won’t let yourself be torn apart by them.

    I really often have such thoughts and feel lost, but as you wrote, it is human.
    And even if being human might usually seem wrong and weird, there is also a lot good things some humans did and do here and there, like you. Even just a few words and a warm touch can change a lot, unthough off at the time.

    I hope you are doing okay and if not, I am sending you love and wish you something good.
    Sorry that I haven’t written on this one. I think I actually was feeling very low when I saw the post, decided to take a look on the next day and then forgot about it or got distracted, until I forgot.

    I am happy that you are here and we will do this, this life and rock it! πŸ˜€
    Although it still often seems so cold and pointless.



      1. Thank you, although it isn’t really happy. :/
        Hearing from you made it a little better.


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