I hope that’s ok

Somedays i feel like running away to a place between reality and fiction. I don’t like to have negative thoughts in my mind only until i realize that i am normal, i am human and it is not possible to maintain my calm all the time. If you can, it’s great. I try, i try my best everyday to not succumb to them, but sometimes i bend over and i hope that’s ok too.

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Seizing memories, knowledge and positivity through my blogs.

17 thoughts on “I hope that’s ok

  1. Yes manisha. Its ok. To go and let the emotions come and go.

    As long as we really don’t run away..

    Luckily there’s no place between reality and fiction that can hold us for long.

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  2. So relatable. Every once in a while I think everyone would like to escape to fiction, I know I would and forget reality. In a place you are in control of the story and what’s to come. Real life is not all that great. Xx

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