Incoherent Time

Realizing that it doesn’t matter if it’s 2020, 2000 or 1920 people are solving the same problems with the same heartache, pain, happiness and love. We stand at crossroads in our lives maybe seemingly minor ones, just like the generation before us did. It’s sad and calming, connecting at the same time.

Always the Unlucky One

Do you believe in Luck? I do. Why? Because throughout my life I came across so many situations that compelled me to believe in the whole concept of Luck. Honestly I consider myself as quite an unlucky person. Do I feel bad about it? No I don’t maybe because I am too used to beingContinue reading “Always the Unlucky One”

Thoughts and my Balcony

It’s 6.05p.m , i am sitting in an outdoor sofa right in my balcony. The sky appears like a clear and blue ocean which knows no end. This place is my safe corner, where all my thoughts comes and visits me in the evening. I feel like i am having a conversation with my mindContinue reading “Thoughts and my Balcony”

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