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Thank You Stranger

Dear Strangers, To begin with this letter is for a number of unknown people, a letter of gratitude because I didn’t had the chance to say a big thank you to these people who probably has no idea about my existence nor do I know anything about them except for the only One Time IContinue reading “Thank You Stranger”

Not a Goodbye

This post is for my beloved aunt Junu pehi, who was fighting with cancer for the longest time, and today she left us, leaving behind a stream of good memories and infinite Love. She was like the moon, exactly what her name signifies. She was so full of life, her red cheeks and pink lipsContinue reading “Not a Goodbye”


Dear Anjali, The moment we followed each other i remember just like me you too had started your journey on blog writing. And there is a special connection i feel towards you because i believe you can know so much about a person through their writings. I am always mesmerized by the real life storiesContinue reading “SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD”

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