The First Time

Remember the day when we were both dressed in black, the first time when our eyes met It was 6:30pm, a chilly December evening. We drove for the first time together, When you held my hand i could feel it in my heart that it was your first time holding someone’s hand And when iContinue reading “The First Time”

Oh Taj!

I hope you find The One who’s meant for you, if not now hopefully soon. Everybody deserves to receive the same amount of Love that they are willing to give back, because at the end of the day hundreds of dollars will serve you temporary happiness but True Love will bless you with eternal happiness.Continue reading “Oh Taj!”

Master The Art Of “Revenge”

When something bad happens to us and we believe that the reason why we are upset right now is because of somebody else, or because of a situation we had absolutely no Control over, the immediate thought that comes to our mind is wishing ill fate over the other person, or cursing our own faith.Continue reading “Master The Art Of “Revenge””

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