Dear Younger Me,

I am sorry that the world forced you to grow up too soon, You have been so strong and I couldn’t be more proud. I still talk to you through your favourite tv shows, the pile of stickers that you collected throughout most of your childhood, the journals you used to write and made itContinue reading “Dear Younger Me,”

Are you living in the moment?

What a grand thing it is to be alive today. The universe offering us with all the beauty of life that one could possibly ever need to experience, we are surrounded with endless possibilities for the day but are we looking out for them? Or are we stressing our minds for the possibilities of tomorrow?Continue reading “Are you living in the moment?”

A kid taught me this…

Yesterday I met my nephew, who is a seven year old kid. I love him even though sometimes him asking me questions about every single thing he comes across annoys me at times, I still feel so proud that he is growing so fast and actually developing a whole new personality. He was sitting nextContinue reading “A kid taught me this…”

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