Dear Younger Me,

I am sorry that the world forced you to grow up too soon, You have been so strong and I couldn’t be more proud. I still talk to you through your favourite tv shows, the pile of stickers that you collected throughout most of your childhood, the journals you used to write and made itContinue reading “Dear Younger Me,”


Dear Anjali, The moment we followed each other i remember just like me you too had started your journey on blog writing. And there is a special connection i feel towards you because i believe you can know so much about a person through their writings. I am always mesmerized by the real life storiesContinue reading “SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD”


There is nothing comparable to the comfort that darkness offers to me. Do not get me wrong here, i am not talking about the darkness that we all love to hide in the deep corners of my mind, but i am talking about the vibe of a dark room, the beauty of a dark emptyContinue reading “Nyctophilia”


To the crisp flicks of a brand new book, your addicting smell and the fresh stories you hold on your pages, the moment i held you in my hands it was love at first sight. To the yellow pages of an old book, your little wear and tear in between tells me that you haveContinue reading “Pages”

Did you really Fail in LIFE?

There is a strong stigma attached to the word ‘FAILURE’.  We as human beings are taught right from our early childhood that failure leads to disappointment if a person fails in something words of discouragement are bestowed upon them without realizing how their words can take a toll on the other person’s mental health. SometimesContinue reading “Did you really Fail in LIFE?”

Thoughts and my Balcony

It’s 6.05p.m , i am sitting in an outdoor sofa right in my balcony. The sky appears like a clear and blue ocean which knows no end. This place is my safe corner, where all my thoughts comes and visits me in the evening. I feel like i am having a conversation with my mindContinue reading “Thoughts and my Balcony”

You Are Not Lonely

I hate it when people preach other’s with the notion that it’s ok to be lonely. No it’s not ok to be lonely. There is a thin line between being lonely and being alone. One should learn that it’s completely Ok to be alone, for there are still people you have in your life, thereContinue reading “You Are Not Lonely”

Self Love

Life is short and how we showcase ourself on the outside should be fun. So go have fun! Be blonde be brunette, rock yourself in a pixie hairstyle, wear all black one day and all hot pink the next day! Self Love and confidence will make you radiate more then anything else ever will, SoContinue reading “Self Love”

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