The First Time

Remember the day when we were both dressed in black, the first time when our eyes met

It was 6:30pm, a chilly December evening.

We drove for the first time together,

When you held my hand i could feel it in my heart that it was your first time holding someone’s hand

And when i asked you if it was, i still remember the warm hug you gave me.

It still remains as one of my favourite memory of us.

Whispering sweet nothings beneath the vast dark sky,

City lights flickering around.

When it was finally time for you to head back home,

I can recall the butterflies i felt because i always believed tomorrow was promised to both of us,

Now, even though we haven’t met in years i am afraid i’ll end up feeling the same if i ever see you somewhere in a December evening, just like the first time.

Published by manishasky

Seizing memories, knowledge and positivity through my blogs.

26 thoughts on “The First Time

  1. Sweet Melancholy is the word for such feelings.

    It happens to many of us… The nostalgia gives us a sense of happiness of that moment while at the same time, a sadness of that moment not repeating again.

    I remember the Night Train of Deorali, wherein the young man meets a damsel at deorali station. He travels that path any number of times but never meets her.

    In the film, Ravan Lanka, the lady comes to the station for 12 years before finally meeting him.

    I write from my memory, which your write-up has catapulted.

    Keep writing Manisha and keep churning the windmill of life, brewing fresh breezes for your readers.


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    1. This comment was the highlight of my day. Such beautiful references..i will go through it someday because i want to know more about it just by reading your brief references. Thank you for the constant motivation from my very early days in this platform. It means the world to me, i am saying this from my heart. Thank you 🌸🌸

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  2. This is a moment when two individuals called uopn love to show its face
    to view the sweet pace
    love-at-first-sight taking place
    with royal grace
    from passion to desire
    as like, lust, emotion
    voting for this intimate encounter to be true love.”
    _-Van Prince

    Post Script>this piece is love fantastic<

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      1. Thank you and I love and respect all of you and love to read and comment on the creations of 1-of-the-kind Writers!


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