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Earthy Desire

When the sun peaks through the clouds, closed eyes waiting for that warm embrace. I feel the rays dancing upon my face providing comfort, love, security and a fresh breath of hope.


Published by manishasky

Seizing memories, knowledge and positivity through my blogs.

12 thoughts on “Earthy Desire

  1. This is beautiful👏🏾

    I do love a bit of sun. Especially the winter ones, it feels like the rays of sunshine are forcing their way from the clouds to reach you. A comfort blanket almost.
    🤗🤗❤️❤️ xx

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    1. And your comment is so beautiful as well ❤ i almost imagined the feeling and felt how true your expression is 🌸 i am sure next time the winter sun hits me my mind will remind me of the day you penned down this beautiful comment 🌸❤

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