Question for the day- 1

If someone told you that you are magnificent, powerful, amazing and beautiful beyond measure, how would you feel? Would you receive the compliments with an open heart? Or would you resist by thinking that you’re not THAT beautiful and magnificent?

If I was to answer this question honestly, my first initial response would be, Yes I would resist and feel extremely shy and hesitant to believe that I am magnificent and beautiful because I am filled with insecurities about my appearance, my body and everything.  When someone tells me that I am beautiful than even though I say thank you at the back of my mind my insecurities immediately creeps in and makes me feel the otherwise. Sometimes when I look myself in the mirror I tend to focus and zoom in on the flaws and scars, even though I have no problem with my looks or my body when I am alone and all by myself my scars makes me feel like I am gorgeous, I am beautiful and strong, but when somebody else is beside me or when I am amidst a crowd my insecurities outgrows my confidence and I don’t feel beautiful anymore. But now as I am on my spiritual journey, the universe is teaching me a lot of things that I was never aware of. Earlier even though I heard people speak on body positivity I used to think that reality is always different, giving a speech or posting about body positivity is easy. But now as I am learning things about myself I am honestly starting to realize that the flaws and the scars in my outer body makes me different than the rest of the crowd, and the flaws and scars in their body makes them different from me, and that is what makes us look  beautiful  in each other’s eyes. If the other person has the potential to see the beauty in me, I live in that body and I have the absolute ability to see the beauty in myself. When someone says me that I am powerful and magnificent I always think of all the struggles that I have managed to overcome without letting the world know about it, and how I am marching forward in my life right now. If that doesn’t define power what does?

Our lack of awareness about our own beauty and perfection constantly makes us feel small and insignificant, so today let us all try to explore the hidden wonders within ourselves.

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45 thoughts on “Question for the day- 1

  1. You rock! I mean, you are a rock! 😀
    And now I am throwing that “You’re beautiful” right back onto you. Hehe. ❤
    Lovely human, who is just like me. 💙💜

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  2. I rather feel happy and confident with myself when I receive such compliments. Alone it’s quite the same but at times my mind tries to be stubborn and switch my focus to all my flaws.
    But one thing I’ve noticed is this. Sometimes we think our skin flaws are too visible and noticed but truthfully people do not really highlight that until you yourself decide to expose it and allow it to downplay your beauty.
    Love the post. So practical 💚

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    1. Trust me most of us feel that way. We are so full of doubts about ourselves that we often try to deny the other person’s compliment just because we don’t see us through their eyes which is just sad 😣😣

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  3. we are, mostly, self conscience about receiving praise for we usually uncomfortable with our ego. there is nothing wrong with receiving and accepting compliments and we should compliment others more often. when looking into a mirror, we see a reflection (a copy) of who we are. but when others look at you, they see the original. and yes…you are a beauty.

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    1. thank you for sharing your wise perspective..a lot of people needed to hear this and i am sure when they will read your comment it will put a smile on their face just like it made me smile 🙂 thank you again


  4. Each of us have amazing gifts and talents to bring forward. To serve our community with the beauty we have and to receive that same beauty in return! Keep shining💫💫💫💞💞💞


  5. I absolutely loved every single part of this post. Growing up I hated the way I looked and considered certain types of looks as superior and beautiful. It took a lot of self reflection and healing to accept myself the way I am. The world needs to be kinder towards one another. We keep finding flaws in each other’s appearances and point it out to belittle others. Each and every human being on this planet is truly unique and beautiful. Thanks for sending across this brilliant message of hope.


  6. That is such abeautiful response to hearing those words. To remind ourselves that we have overcome much to be where we are. That we are strong and we continue to be as we move forward. Perspective is powerful. It’s not always easy to see the truth, even when someone is telling it to us honestly, but we are strong and capable.

    Thank you for sharing, and for encouraging, and for being you. ♥

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