Broken Heart

Heartbreaks are painful. We all have experienced heartbreak at some point in our life and if not I am truly so happy for you. But for those of us who have gone through this bitter yet sweet adventure of getting our heart broken we know how much it affects us mentally and physically.

When I had my break up and to me which was a very serious relationship, it affected me for almost two years, and those two years of my life  were filled with desperation, hope of somehow mending our relationship, tears and constant flashbacks of our moments together. I used to question myself that why did it happen to me? How was it so easy for him to move on in a span of less than two months when he used to always tell me and convince that he Loved me. I used to blame myself to the point when I thought maybe it was because I didn’t knew to love or maybe my love was not enough to make him stay. My mind became a bad neighbourhood pretty quick. Don’t get me wrong here our breakup was not an ugly one, it was kind of mutual even though we said some bitter words to each other in the heat of the moment, I always knew that none of us did anything wrong to each other when we were together. I used to miss him everyday, I used to call him message him and ask him why couldn’t we fix what we both broke. But he always made sure to let me know that it was over, he moved on and told me move on as well. I always used to be mad because my mind was not ready to accept the reality. Slowly I realized that he has moved on and I need to back off as well, so I blocked him off everywhere not because I hated him but because it was time for me to let go and I knew if I continue to talk to him or anything I could not move on. Initially it was hard for me, very hard in fact byt slowly but surely my mind was starting to calm down. My initial way of thinking was being replaced with this new found adaptation of self respect, self assurance and my ability towards positive growth. These new changes didn’t just came to me within a blink of an eye, I worked hard for it and towards the end  finally earned it. I was so much at peace and to this date I am at peace because after I stopped talking to him, I was vulnerable but I started to focus and realize so many things about me, the bad as well as the good abilities of mine. Instead of mending my broken relationship I started to mend my broken traits and uplift my good traits. I used to give myself a pep talk on a regular basis, and when I talked to myself I almost got all the answers to my questions that I always craved for.

Now when I look back I know that I loved him with all my heart and with that I  realized that I truly have the ability of Loving someone. And it’s a beautiful feeling to what if he didn’t really loved me, for him it was just an imaginary illusion of love towards me but I still hope that he finds someone whom he could truly love because like I said to love is a beautiful feeling.

So guy’s if you feel broken today, just be proud that you have the power and the most beautiful gift from nature that is To Love, you did your best be proud of that.

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48 thoughts on “Broken Heart

  1. In the given circumstances, whatever you did was the most appropriate. This is the way one should handle tough situations. Salute to your courage and dauntless spirit. Stay blessed!!

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  2. Hats Off for letting the world your feelings.

    This is what most of us undergo at some point in life…

    Hearts have an uncanny ability to regenerate unlike what we have been forced to hear on the media..

    Seesha ho ya dil ho, aakhir toot jatha hai..

    (Eng :: Glass and Heart have to finally break into pieces)

    When love breaks hearts, it is like the coconut beautiful to look from outside, sturdy, unbreakable .. But when it does break, it reveals the purest essence and coconut inside.

    Thus after a relationship break, we still retain the pristine essence of our longings and belongings.

    Thus heartbreaks aren’t painful. They propel us forwards onto self realization and absolute bliss.

    Have great days ahead, manisha.

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    1. the way you gave the reference of the coconut is just exhilarating. through heartbreaks we realize that we as humans are much more stronger than we could possibly ever imagine. thank you for sharing your wonderful vision

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  3. Love *&* heartbreat are part *&* parcel
    comprising the cycle of love
    when you experience love\
    with heatrbreak resulting from love
    your next round of love
    will be successful love
    as you learned *&* grew stronger from your failed love

    _-By: Van Prince

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      1. hey please try not to feel that way. i don’t know what you are going through but i can assure you one thing that things will change, if not today than definitely’s upto you to decide when you are ready to welcome changes in life. please hold on these dark days will be over soon. allow yourself to heal, take your time..things will start to fall into place

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      2. Thank you so much for your encouraging words ❤️❤️❤️ I need all the positive vibes I can get . Every day I feel something different. Today started out ok but then I saw something that triggered a memory and felt the sadness wash over me 😞

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      3. i know the’s hard to restrain yourself from bumping into things that triggers our bad moments in life but we also need to train our minds to believe that we can’t run away from certain things because this world is small. but what we can do is train our mind and our heart to accept those situations to the point that it dsnt affect us negatively may sound impossible right now but it is possible. good things will only come when we are ready to welcome them with a clear and open’s all in our mind, once to learn to convince it nothing can tear us down anymore

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  4. Very helpful post for those not able to move on after a break up. It takes courage to accept things and move on in life. Glad that you took the decision and acted swiftly and calmly. Things do take time to mend but we have to start somewhere. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. never give up on love, what’s meant to be yours will always find it’s way back to you. i know these hours of your life is very hard and it’s natural to think that you will never get out of it, it’s almost like you are trapped in the feeling of never letting go forever but trust me you will, even though you feel like you won’t right now at this moment but you will. i felt the same when i was in your position and i felt that way for more than two years but now i am happy and proud that i managed to let go of that feeling because i tried to for the longest of time. just try you will be happy soon, we promise

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  5. I’ve lived through the experience you describe. I like to think that most people don’t enter a relationship saying, “How can I really mess things up?” Our good intentions just sometimes aren’t enough.


  6. Currently going through one of my own 😞 I can’t wait until he’s not the first and last
    Thing I think about everyday. Until he stops randomly creeping up in my
    mind, until everything no longer reminds me of him. This sucks

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  7. Thanks for writing this wonderful post. I completely agree how bad a breakup experience can be, as myself having gone through it. But as life moves on, I am pretty sure we all get good things in life, and its always in our best interest not to brood over the past.

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