My First Tattoo

On 18th March’2019 I decided to get my first tattoo, it might not be a huge deal to a lot of people but for me it definitely was. Getting inked meant a forever commitment with my tattoo, I wanted it to turn out to be perfect devoid of any mistakes and regrets. After researching for quite a while with the designs I finally found what I till this date think is just perfect, as soon as I saw the design I knew this was the one. I was very excited as it was my first tattoo I showed the design to some of my friends and they all gave me a very positive response. I was happy and I was very sure about my decision to get inked. Convincing my parents took quite a while to be honest, I didn’t let my father know about it and decided to only tell him when it was all done. I did let my mother know though and I had her back which was pretty cool lol. As I was heading towards the tattoo parlour my heart was kinda racing it was a very mixed feeling. I took one of my friend  along with me because I wanted someone to be there, I finally reached and they made me sit in a chair, made the stencil and I was very satisfied with the design they made for me. The man who tatted me was very nice to me, he told me not to panic and try to be as calm as possible, but I was pretty nervous as I heard the needle making sound as he turned it on. I tightly held my friend’s hand and the procedure finally began. To my surprise it was not hurting like I thought it would. I was very comfortable the whole time and didn’t even realize that my tattoo was all done after like one hour. When I saw the final result I was extremely happy and very satisfied. It just came out the way I wanted it to. I thanked him, and he did let me know about the after care, the next few days were a little uncomfortable as I had to be careful to not let it get wet, and because the ink was starting to heal it was itching a lot but then again I was not allowed to itch so I did put aloe vera gel and the prescribed ointments respectively. After about the the itching was all gone and about three months after the swelling was also gone and thus my tattoo was healed completely.

Karma Dharma is what my tattoo says. I am a very firm believer in Karma and destiny. Because It was my  first tattoo I wanted it to signify something that I truly believe in so that I know for sure that I will never in my life regret my decision to permanently inject something in my body. I love my tattoo, it makes me feel good and empowered in a very unique way. I feel like those words describe my ideology towards life.

Today I shared my story of getting my first ever tattoo. In my next post I will be sharing about the stigmas attached to tattoo, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post.



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73 thoughts on “My First Tattoo

  1. i liked this post, not because i like inking, but because of the why you felt you needed to get the tattoo. since you said “my first tattoo…” makes me feel you have others or you plan to get more. i am not in favor of inking. i am intrigued by it as an art form. i dont feel it adds beauty to the body, though it can as i know many people get permeant eye liner tattoos. i look forward to your next post about tattoos.

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    1. i love how we all have different perspective towards everything in life, that really makes every one of us a unique human being. thank you so much for your wonderful comment ❤


    1. If your pain tolerance is high trust me it’s not going to hurt a lot..and the after care is just that you have to make sure that it dsnt get wet for 3 days, and because your tattoo is going to itch for a few days you have to moisturize it..the complete healing takes about three months. 😀 and thank you so much ❤

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  2. I had mine four years ago. The pain for me was bearable. Oh well, my pain tolerance is quite high than normal people. I just put petroleum jelly over it everyday, Still, I am happy with my tattoo that symbolizes all the pain and tragedy I had been through, which turned out to be beautiful at the end…just like my tattoo.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this story. The amount of thought and care you out bto the decision shows the way you go about your life, with intentionality and purpose. I’m glad you like your tattoo and hope that feeling only grows as you live your life to the best of your ability. Peace to you. ♥


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