Happy Sunday

When you think about Sunday what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, Happy Sunday is all I can think about when I hear the word Sunday. Well, I don’t think that I have ever reflected on the happy moments that Sunday in particular brings to me. And when I say happy moments I don’t mean the grand things because honestly that rarely happens in my life. But I am grateful for the small things that brings me joy. Today I want to write about what made me happy on this relaxing day i.e. Sunday.

Donuts made my Sunday a happy one. I haven’t had donuts in quite a long while now and donuts are my favourite dessert. I am not a huge fan of sweet dishes but I can never resist a good old Donut. I remember as a child I was very much into sweet dishes, every time I use to open my fridge the first thing I would grab was either a chocolate or any food that screamed Sweet. I used to be soooo overly excited when I heard the word Chocolates but as I grew up I noticed that my taste buds completely changed and now I don’t get excited over sweet food anymore. I don’t remember at all when I stopped going gaga over sweet food. My love for milk chocolates has been passed on to dark chocolates. I never really thought about it until now. As I took the first bite of my donut today it instantly made me happy. It brought me absolute joy, it reminded me of my childhood love for sweet dishes. The donuts reminded me of my good old days as a child, and how appreciative and excited I used to get over the smallest of things in life.

So yeah Donuts made my Sunday a happy one, other than that I was at home all day enjoying the rain dripping outside. I would love to know what made your Sunday a happy one, share your stories in the comments ❤ ❤

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46 thoughts on “Happy Sunday

  1. “And when I say happy moments I don’t mean the grand things because honestly that rarely happens in my life” this mage me sad. wishing you many “grand” things in your life!!!!

    mmmmmmmmm…..donuts!!!!! drooling. lol

    it is early sunday morning where i live as i write this, so there are still many possibilities for this sunday. but i have already been out and click some pics of the morning. 🙂

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  2. Some rain would be great again, it was pretty hot for me today.
    I used to like some sort of small cake like things. The size of a donut maybe, but a chocolate cake with white milky cream. I still eat sweet things from time to time, but I also do less and less. It often even hurts my teeth instantly or my stomach. But these small cakes are great. Haven’t had some of these in a while, now that I think about it. ❤


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