After being MIA for quite a while I am finally happy to be back and continue with what I love to do, that is writing my heart out. As some of you may know that I was really not doing well. I don’t know what it was but I was sick for almost more than ten days. My body is doing quite better now, and my sense of taste and smell has returned like almost 70% which is quite great. Trust me we all know how it feels like to be sick but not being able to smell and taste things for so long was quite a new experience for me in a very weird way. I am taking my vitamins and calcium on time and I am so happy that I don’t have to be on antibiotics anymore because that shit drains all your energy out.

I was losing my motivation to get back to writing honestly and I was procrastinating a lot. But yesterday something unusual came up and I just knew that maybe it is a sign from the universe telling me to get back on track and stop being lazy. A friend messaged me yesterday on WhatsApp saying that he really likes reading my writings and asked me if I could help him. I immediately responded and asked him what it was about and he told me that one of his junior needs some help in writing an essay and she was struggling a lot and asked me if I could help her in anyway. I said yes without even thinking twice and after a short while she pinged me and explained me about her essay. I also got to know that she was really younger than like, she was like in her 10th standard and she was from Nepal which is my neighbouring country. I helped her out and by today morning I sent her the essay that I made for her and she was really grateful and in return I was grateful to her because if yesterday my friend didn’t messaged me I don’t think that I would have got back to writing let alone posting here. I got my will and motivation back from a complete stranger, from a complete unexpected situation. I am really happy to be back, write my heart out and also read you guy’s amazing write ups.

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  1. I’m glad to hear you’re back, well and doing what you love! Your symptoms sound a little like COVID? I hope not – at any rate glad you’re feeling better. Often inspiration comes from unexpected places. Awesome to have you back. Wishing you all the best, AP2 🙏

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  2. Welcome back! I’m glad your feeling better. I can’t imagine not being able to smell or taste anything for so long. The closest I came to one of my 5 senses not working was I woke up one day to a steady ringing in my left ear which lasted for a week. It was so annoying and distracting. My motivation has been a little off lately being in the middle of a med change I’m sure I’ll even out soon. Take care!

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  3. We are truly grateful for our blessings. I am still trying to get the world to be a better place for All! Art poetry and politics are the most important things to folks who are truly blessed by the Universe! Blessings to y’all! Keep writing and creating. Buena salud 🤧 lo mas importante! Cuidate mucho joven. Todos!🙏💪☮️🐕♒️😷💃🥰

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  4. Good to have you back Manisha. I guess we owe your friend 😉. Glad to know you’re feeling better. Just keep that fire burning and the ink flowing. Because writing doesn’t come easily to everybody. Be your amazing self and do write your heart out 😊

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  5. Welcome back Manisha, I am happy to hear you are feeling better. Your symptoms sound like you may have had Covid-19. You must rest when you need to. Be kind to yourself. I send you love❤and healing light🌅, blesséd be. 🧡👩‍🦰Carolyn Xxx

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    1. thank you so much Carolyn, you are right it very much seemed like Covid to us too. But i am lucky that i got recovered within the comfort of my own house. Take care and god bless you wonderful soul ❤


    1. yeah she is fine luckily. even i was worried about her but since now it has been more than 15 days and she have not shown any symptoms it’s safe to say that she is all good. thank you for asking 🙂


  6. It’s like that sometimes, Manisha.
    Procrastinating to write, I’ve been there. It becomes like that till you’re like, whatever who cares.
    Hope you’re fully recovered though💚❤
    Will hit you up to write an essay for me in the future. Take note😅🙄

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    1. Hehe sure 😋😋 and you’re write lately my motivation to write have been quite off. But i am trying to get back at it..i am doing much better now almost fully recovered. Thank you for the concern 😇😊 how are you??

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      1. Well my recommendations would be this: You, Dark, Blacklist, Person of interest, How to get away with murder, umbrella academy and big bang theory.
        This should occupy you for now😅
        Try one of these if you haven’t already seen them😊


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