Travelling in times of Global Outbreak

Before I start to pen anything down I want to say a big sorry to my readers who have taken out their time to comment on my previous post and I couldn’t reply back to a lot of you and hopefully you will understand why I couldn’t by reading this post. I feel immensely guilty for not staying active these last few days, but a lot of things did come up and I am about to share it all today.

I am an University student who is pursuing Law and currently I am about to give my 8th semester examination (promotion on the basis of previous year results and internal assessment), and out of nowhere our college decided to inform us just two days prior that the form fill up will take place in offline mode and they just gave us two days for the whole procedure. I was shocked because I was at my hometown obviously due to the pandemic going on, and my university was in another city which was 529 km away. I panicked for a bit but then I started to come back to my senses and made rational decisions, booked a bus ticket and headed off to my destination the very next day.

The bus tour was whole another story, if you have read my previous post you know what I am talking about. Just to give you a very brief idea, the whole journey was a pain in the *** a literal one if you want to know about it I suggest you to read my previous post.

I reached the city at around 7pm I called up one of my friend because I had to vacate the place that I was staying in due to the pandemic situation going on. She welcomed me and I finally felt a bit okay and not to forget I was very very tired. I freshened up and we sat down had a little chit chat until one of my other friend called and asked me to catch up, I ended up saying no because of the very fact that I was tired and also because I didn’t felt like it was a very good or safe idea. I dozed off pretty early that night because a long day awaited for me the next day as it was the day of my examination form fill up. I woke up the next morning with a very bad headache it was probably because of the long journey which ended up triggering my migraine. I got ready but my friend who was also my classmate was being very slow and I was a bit irritated because we both were getting late for the procedure and I travelled this long amidst the global outbreak only for this and I knew if I didn’t reached there on time everything will go in vain. Finally she hurried up but then out of nowhere again it was heavily pouring rain outside. I was just hoping that somehow we get a cab and after searching for a long time we were finally able to book a cab, and we both didn’t waste any more time and headed to our college. We reached there filled up our forms and got done with our work, as many students were in line so we did had to wait for quite a while but it was not an issue at all. I was happy that we didn’t miss out. I can only imagine the horror if by any chance we did.

We went back and now because my mind was also working fine again, me and my friend had a little girls night in not out don’t worry. We ordered some good food and wine and the night ended pretty quickly but I felt good because after 5-6 months I was having a time like this after quarantining myself for the last couple of months.

The next day I returned home, in the bus itself and this time the journey was not bad at all, but I was not feeling good my head was aching a lot I don’t know what it was but anyway I reached home and quarantined myself in my room because of safety reasons. And I don’t know what’s happening but since the last two days I am not feeling the absolute best. My headache is still on, I am having a mild flu and my sensation of taste and smell is completely gone, it’s null and void. I am a bit concerned, I am going to wait and see if my health doesn’t improve or further deteriorate then I will get myself tested. For now I am self-isolating myself, I hope there is nothing major going on and it’s just a seasonal flu.

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74 thoughts on “Travelling in times of Global Outbreak

  1. Best of luck for your studies and get well soon! Hopefully, you’ll feel better and everything little thing will be alright. I’m glad your journey on the bus was better than the previous one. Keep smiling because you’re awesome! 🤗

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  2. I missed your last post somehow, sorry. A very weird decision of your university, but more important I hope your health gets better soon. And don’t panic, just relax because your immune system works better without too much worries. 🙂 But whatever works for you. Best wishes! ❤

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    1. it was indeed really weird of them. and yeah i am taking all the necessary precautions for now, hopefully it’s nothing serious. thank you for your time and concern 🙂 means a lot to me. take care 🙂

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  3. Law student….. give me a call since I´m going to need you in the near future so be quick to call me, if you want a client. By the way I have a much more cooler mask, it´s red. Anyways law, so I got contacts with attorneys, nothing very serious but still….. take care, weare mask, don´t we feel a bit like in a movie seeing and living this shit? Jesus Christ, just weird and a tragedy, since I don´t know if I´m going to be able to pay rent next month you as a future attorney could guide me on how I stay in my rent room.
    Have a great Sunday.


    1. haha your comment actually made me smile. hopefully i can help you in the near future 😀 lol. i soooo agree with the movie part, it’s like a never apocalypse. bdw thank you for brightening up my day. 😀 hope you have a great Sunday too!

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  4. You been through so much strain. So just relax. U r doing everything right and don’t worry so much about the virus. Get well soon and I’m really waiting to see ur post on how you feel all better ❤ . Btw very lucid writeup and keep going at it 👍

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    1. It still remains the same. I am self isolating myself..and honestly it’s taking a toll on my mental health being stuck in a room for so many days. My sense of smell and taste has still not returned. Do keep me in your prayers. And thank you so much for asking


  5. Thank you for sharing your story. I am glad you managed to get what you needed to do done. I pray your rest will be effective, and you can do what you need to in the coming weeks too. Peace. ♥

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  6. Congratulations on handling these very stressful changes with such grace. I hope you did well in your exam. Your symptoms (especially loss of taste and smell are synonymous with Covid so do get yourself tested for sure) . Sending good wishes

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    1. Hi Laura thank you for your concern. Yeah my form fill up process did turned out to be fine and now i am being promoted to my next semester. I was in self isolation for 15 days, and now i am all better. 🙂 Hope you are doing fine too, take care 🙂 ❤


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