Thank You Stranger

Dear Strangers,

To begin with this letter is for a number of unknown people, a letter of gratitude because I didn’t had the chance to say a big thank you to these people who probably has no idea about my existence nor do I know anything about them except for the only One Time I saw them while walking on the streets when I was having a rough day and seeing them instantly made me smile for no big reason and sometimes no reason is the biggest reason of all.

              To the group of children who were busy having fun, fighting for the ice cream with their parents in their school uniform with their shoes quite undone, seeing your little giggles reminds me of the times when my parents used to tell me stories about how mischievous I was when I was exactly your age, the innocence in my eyes I always used to carry which, somewhere got buried with time now. To the group of teenagers, I know this phrase is confusing and you guys are probably busy discovering your true self but in the midst of chaos when I see you people having a good true laugh with your buddies, bunking your classes, holding hands with your sweethearts, I cannot refrain myself from going back to my good old school days, the sweet essence of nostalgia you bring to me is sometimes all I truly need, I end up missing all my friends and despite of our promises like ‘Friends Forever’ which we surely failed to keep, our ‘Forever’s’ were not long lived, but our memories are. To all the young adults and adults you are working so hard so achieve your goals, build a family, take care of your family and despite of the fact that your hours are the most tiring hours, every time you meet your loved ones you always make sure to greet them with a huge smile on your face and ponder all the love you can to your family. Your patience has taught me to be a better person and I am thankful to you all. To all the sweet grandparents, when I see you showering all the Love you have in store to the beautiful family you built it makes me smile the widest. Sometimes when I am passing by a house I see how delightfully you take a stroll in your garden and take care of all your plants and trees like they are your children, It warms up my heart and I end up remembering my grandparents who did the exact same things you do when they were alive.

Dear strangers thank you.



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Seizing memories, knowledge and positivity through my blogs.

53 thoughts on “Thank You Stranger

  1. Wow, what an amazing introduction to your blog, thank you for sharing this positive message with the world. I know that I can see someone and instantly smile because they are looking wonderful when I see them, more often than not I get the smile returned to me. If only everyone could smile then they would cheer everyone up they come into contact with. If only people could behave as they did under lockdown, now that things are getting to the new normal, the world would finally know peace, we have global problems to fight and if we all pull together we can achieve anything we put our collective minds to.
    Anyway, thank you so much and I hope you enjoy visiting my blog pages as much as I have enjoyed being here.
    Love and (virtual) hugs to keep you going

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    1. You perspective is so beautiful Sir. You are right, amidst all the disasters happening around the world, humanity is slowly starting to restore back. Thank you very much. I will surely visit your page 💛

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  2. I really like your thoughts for they are a lot like mine. You see the beauty around you, what makes your heart skip a beat, honoring those alive and sadly also those who have passed on. You have a beautiful soul. And your welcome:)

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  3. I am locked into this mind-catching piece that leaves me with these words: It is strange how creations meet, but stranger still are the innovative masterpieces that can be manifested between them given proper chance *&* appropriate opportunity, but you will be on time; because my stanzas are traveling first class not coach! (smile-its humor)!


  4. When I read this piece of the master=A Masterpiece, it reminds me of Frank Sinatra’s song *Strangers In The Nights-
    How do a poet or writer know another poet or writer has pen a masterpiece=because every time you read it you take away something new from the writing of a genius. I am not just talking but truth-ing!

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      1. It isn’t every day that I meet a poet or writer that I am impressed with but I have encountered some that I am impressed with their work, and I am hard to impress, and some here writing in decor looks impressive but a trained eye see the paraphrasing of successful authors work product=copycat,but you are a rare talent *&* you are don’t feel threatened by me being here as some do, but I am to create and not challenge other writers and poets, but I am my own person and I compliment those who deserve it, and you are special talent!

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  5. such an amazing and meaningful post! it’s very important to see the good in everything and you clearly exhibited through this post! i absolutely loved it, thank you for sharing💞

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍


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